The Works - Essential Oil Travel Set


Be Wowed by The Works! The Works have you covered from head to toe including:

Skin Repair - Loaded with essential oils of olive, almond, and coconut, this perfect combination of natural ingredients revitalizes and feeds your skin in the most natural way. Apply anywhere and everywhere. (.35 oz)

Body Glow Brown Sugar Scrub - Gently exfoliates with natural sugar, coconut oil, and shea butter to reveal a natural glow. Use in the shower or bath. (.35 oz)

Hand Cream - Supercharged with Shea butter, easily absorbs leaving hands feeling silky, not sticky. This hand cream comes in an easy-to-open tube. (.35 oz)

Lip Balm - Lip balm like no other! Infused with essential sweet almond and coconut oils, Kissable moisture. (.15 oz)

*Mango Coconut 
*Orange Honey
*Eucalyptus Mint

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