8d Wall Sticker


Transform any dull and lackluster space into beautifully vibrant and amazingly animated realm with these realistic 3D Wall Magnet Butterfly Stickers. Stuck on your walls, plants, tree branches, curtains, backdrops, photo booths, and arches, you will actually feel them flutter and move their colorful wings, thanks to their brilliant and detail natural construction. Crafted from premium quality PVC, these Butterfly Magnets are durable, reusable, and long-lasting.

Decorating like a pro has never been so easy, simply stick on any smooth and dry surface like walls, doors, closets, plastic, metal, fridges, laptops, TV, cars etc., using the magnet fixed underneath the body of the Butterfly. Besides decoration, our Butterfly Decals also make a perfect gift for any special occasions like Christmas, wedding, birthday, anniversary, engagement, new baby, graduation, retirement or just as a token of love!


  • One Pack comes with 9 high quality colorful Double Wings 3D PVC plastic Butterflies
  • Can be fixed to a wall with double tape
  • Comes with a Magnet and can be put on a fridge door or simply pin it on cloth/dresses with a safety pin


  • The 3D effect of Butterfly decoration makes a spectacular display
  • Perfect for decorating your workspace, living room or bedroom, fridge door or window displays


  • Material: High quality PVC plastic
  • Sizes : ( 5" 2 PCS, 4" 2PCS, 3.25" 4PCS, 2.25" 4 PCS)
  • Can be stick by Magnet or Glued to Walls

How to decorate:

  • Step 1: Clean and Dry the surface where you want the Butterflies to be placed
  • Step 2: Fold wings to approx. 35° to create 3D effect
  • Step 3: Peel off the double-sided tape and position the 3D butterfly as you desire onto the surface and press to fix
  • Step 4: Use your creative imagination and place Butterflies to make a beautiful wall decoration

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