Mix-ol-ogies Purfume Oils


Trial size versions of all 10 Mixologie fragrances!  Your chance to try them all!
A "mini" perfume lab in a box!

Did you know that you can mix different scents together to create a custom blend?  It's like a "mini" perfume lab in a box!  Don't worry, you can't go wrong -- they all smell great together. 

Ingredients:  Dipropylene Glycol, Fragrance Oils

Size: .5 mL each

Sultry (wild musk)
Assured (natural)
Daring (spiked punch)
Electric (citrus twist)
Free (ocean mist)
Sensual (sugared sandalwood)
Soulful (sheer amber)
Tempted (coconut kiss)
Tenacious (crisp vanilla)
Tender (fruity)

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