Silly Spring Santa Hat



Silly Spring Santa Hat with Blinky LED Snowflakes are wacky costume hats for quirky people at Christmas parties.

Whether you're...
*Opening gifts around the tree
*Going to Christmas in the Park
*Attending the Office Christmas Party

...our silly bouncy Santa hats are for you!

To activate your Springy Light-up Santa Hats, remove pull tab from battery house hidden inside the brim of the hat. Cut both zip ties from top of hat to let the spiral top bounce around in all its glory!

Press grey button on outer brim of hat for a chasing light function.
*LED Colors: Red
*Batteries: (2) AG13, Replaceable
*Dimensions: One Size Fits All; Height: Approx. 10"-12"
*One Size Fits All

There are 2 in stock.

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